Nanoil Argan Oil. Better than roucou and other oils!

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What do we need to preserve youthful look? Antioxidants – such as vitamin E – which combat adverse effects of free radicals as well as delay skin and hair ageing processes. Luckily, plenty of them can be found in roucou oil and other natural oils. However, there is no other natural oil containing such a huge concentration of vitamin E like original Nanoil Argan Oil. What should you know about it?

If you’re looking for a natural beauty product that is truly effective and helps you replace most cosmetics that you use daily, than argan oil appears to be the best choice.

What are the things that you don’t know about argan oil but you definitely should know?

Firstly, it’s extracted from argan tree kernels, the species growing in Morocco only. For that reason, there is no other place where genuine argan oil should come from. Secondly, it’s obtained due to a traditional method which is cold pressing of argan kernels. The truth is, the kernels don’t contain much oil. Therefore, there are a few dozens of argan kernels needed to obtain just one liter of the golden oil!

Owing to yellow color, exclusiveness and the highest quality, argan oil is called Liquid Gold of Morocco.

The quality of argan oil mainly depends on the form it’s extracted from. To demonstrate, if it’s cold-pressed, unrefined and 100% organic (no synthetic additives), argan oil works like a strong regenerating and rejuvenating serum that is able to protect us against, for example, the sun.

Which argan oil is the best?

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Nanoil Argan Oil is a natural beauty product that you’ll fall in love with from the very first use!

Size: 50 ml/1.69 oz
INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

At first glimpse, this is a truly elegant cosmetic that looks good on every dressing table. Yet, it’s not about the impression a cosmetic makes but it’s the content that matters.


Nanoil Argan Oil is organic oil cold pressed from argan tree kernels. This is the only ingredient used is the certified argan oil which properties aren’t disturbed by any preservatives, silicones or artificial additives. Neither does it contain aroma compounds nor colorants, hence its natural color and subtle aroma. Since this closed in a glass bottle oil is unrefined, its constituents are 100% natural.

Nutritional value:

Every single drop of Nanoil Argan Oil offers an incredibly high concentration of vitamin E, which is a truly potent anti-oxidant displaying anti-ageing properties. Additionally, it offers precious omega-3 and omega-6 acids as well as vitamins and mineral substances. Basically, argan oil offers so stunning effects in hair and skin care because in total it contains over 100 various nourishing substances.

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What’s important, Nanoil Argan Oil can be used to treat body, face, hair as well as nails, eyelashes and eyebrows. Owing to such high number of natural nourishing substances it contains, argan oil so multitasking. Argan Oil by Nanoil is suitable to be used solo or combined with other beauty oils launched by Nanoil.


What are the benefits of regular application of Nanoil Argan Oil? This is a product which positive effects may be truly surprising for some users.

  • Prevents water loss which means that it handles dehydration of hair and skin.
  • Works like a shield against free radicals and sun.
  • Offers heat protection, which is crucial during hair styling.
  • Delays ageing processes, which let hair and skin remain young longer.
  • Takes part in rebuilding and regenerating processes of damaged hair.
  • Increases softness, smoothness and shine in skin and hair.
  • Helps solve most skin-related problems.
  • When used long-term, it may limit hair thinning.


Nanoil Argan Oil can be applied in many various ways. Reportedly, it’s used in hair oil treatment (in a basic or hot version) the most often but it delivers looked-for effects in skin care and cleansing, too. Also, argan oil can be used as a massage oil or a base ingredient of homemade cosmetics. Basically, genuine argan oil – such as Nanoil – also makes a strong nail, eyelash and eyebrow conditioner. No matter the application method, argan oil always works effectively because even in a really small portion of Nanoil Argan Oil you can find diversity of nourishing substances.


Original and genuine Nanoil Argan Oil of the highest quality is available on the official Nanoil website – link HERE.

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