Roucou oil: Beautiful hair regardless of your age

hair-oiling.jpgWe are getting older day by day. It is a natural and inevitable process. Free radicals are merciless towards our skin cells, the gravity pulls our skin down, the sun and other adverse weather conditions also damage our hair and skin. Wrinkles appear on our face, our hair begins to fall out, becomes weak, brittle, rough and harder to style. What is more, it starts to go grey. Changes that occur in our organism are unavoidable. However, if we start to make use of anti-ageing prophylaxis, we will manage to slow down skin and hair ageing.

The perfect remedy for passing of time is a quite rare and amazingly effective natural oil – roucou oil. It s extracted from the seeds of Achiote tree (also known as the lipstick tree). Roucou oil is added to anti-ageing products but it is mostly used in hair and scalp care.

Use the oil in a regular hair oil treatment and your hair will be shiny and vital again. You will enjoy beautiful and bouncy hair; its colour will be enhanced. Your strands will be no longer dull. Women who struggle with falling out hair will also love roucou oil. Not only does it nourish hair stems but also strengthens and nourishes the scalp. Consequently, your hair stops falling out, hair bulbs are nourished and strengthened whereas your strands grow strong and healthy. Roucou oil also protects hair from heat and mechanical damage that we treat our hair to (e.g. during styling). Speaking of styling, roucou oil speeds up blow-drying and makes hair more manageable.

Roucou oil treatment is very easy to perform. Apply the oil (around 5 ml) to dry or slightly wet hair. Put on a shower cap, wrap your head with a towel (natural oils like heat) and… wait. After minimum one hour wash the oil down with a mild shampoo. That’s it! You should perform roucou oil hair treatment at least once a week. If you use it regularly, it will bring splendid results – healthy and beautiful hair.